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CRUSHING ON HIS CO-STAR (a one-hour short read)

Is he her type after all?

Movie star Ava is stuck without a hair stylist and desperate to get her hair in a specific style for her first day on set tomorrow. When her co-star, Dylan, offers to help, it pleasantly surprises her–especially since he’s a white guy who knows nothing about black women’s hair.

Yeah, Dylan knows that he’s clueless about hair. But when it comes to this golden opportunity to win Ava’s affection? He can’t pass this up.

Sweet Matchmaker Series

A small-town matchmaker links this series of clean and sweet short romance stories, which feature a billionaire, celebrity, athlete, and the women they love.

About each book of the series

THE BILLIONAIRE’S MATCHMAKER (Sweet Matchmaker series, Book One)

What if the matchmaker is his perfect match?

Keisha Powell has been unlucky in love—ironic since she’s a matchmaker.

Marcus Macy is a billionaire who needs a wife. He thought a matchmaker would solve his problem. But what if his perfect match isn’t on his matchmaker’s list? What if it’s the matchmaker, herself?

Read an excerpt.

A MATCH MADE SWEET (Sweet Matchmaker series, Book Two)

Can a bitter breakup lead to a second chance?

When Bakery owner Jenny Jenkins’ sees her matchmaker friend, Keisha, fall in love and travel beyond their small town, Jenny wants the same.

Eli Cruise left his small hometown years ago to pursue an acting career in London. When his ten-year high school reunion brings him back, he’s got one thing on his mind: his ex-girlfriend Jenny.

HIS SWEETEST MATCH (Sweet Matchmaker series, Book Three)

This player’s ready to settle down. But will karma let him?

Pro tennis player Drew Brixton is tired of being on the road, traveling from one tourney to the next, and breaking hearts along the way. He needs one steady woman in his life to help balance out the ongoing upheaval around him.

Physical therapist Lana Reynolds has been good friends with Drew since she helped him with a knee injury years ago. When she suggests that he get a matchmaker, she’s surprised that he agrees. But what will be her biggest surprise of all?

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