Get an Advance Copy of “Risk”

Exciting news! Next month, I’ll make my debut launch and will begin releasing the Risking It All short story series. Each story will be between 35 – 50 pages—a quick, snackable romance treat for your day. And every story will feature a billionaire, athlete, or celebrity, and their quest to find love.

My debut story, Risk, is available now as an advance review copy. And I’m looking for readers who are interested in providing feedback and reviews before or after the book is published on Amazon.

Here’s a description of Risk, book one of the Risking It All series:

A billionaire gangster risks it all for her.

Liam is a leader with the Irish mob. Six years ago, his gang reached an alliance with the local Mexican cartel. It was also the day he met Leticia, the cartel boss’s niece. 

She was beautiful, alluring, and Liam would’ve tested the boundaries of the alliance to be with her. If only she were willing.

Now, years have passed, and a twist of gangster fate brings her right to his doorstep, threatening their gangs’ alliance.

Despite that, chemistry still simmers between Liam and Leticia. Now they must decide: is their undeniable attraction worth the risk?

If you’d like to receve an advance review copy of this short story, you can download it HERE.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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