Free Short Story: a Billionaire Romance

My short story romance, The Billionaire’s Matchmaker, the first of the Sweet Matchmaker series is available for free on Amazon, now through May 25.

But wait, there’s more

I’m also pleased to announce that book two of the series, A Match Made Sweet, is available now on Amazon. In book one, you’ll learn about Keisha’s love story. In book two, her matchmaking skills strike again–with her friend, Jenny, a cupcake baker in their small town.

Here’s an excerpt.

Six Years Ago

Eli paced in front of his girlfriend’s parents’ house, his stomach clenching like a gnarled fist. His mind reeled over the idea of breaking up with his childhood sweetheart, Jenny Jenkins. He couldn’t do it. They’d just graduated from college a week ago. They were supposed to build the rest of their lives together. A breakup was impossible. 

That left Eli with two options: Decline the one year grant offered by the London Conservatory for the Arts. Or take Jenny to England with him.

How could he choose between the love of his live and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to one of the most exclusive acting programs in the world? 

He couldn’t.

Eli roamed the Jenkins’ driveway, raked his fingers through his hair, and dragged his sweaty palms against his jeans. He must’ve looked like a madman to anyone watching. They could have been watching: Jenny, her sister, her mom, and dad. Her very large, ex-Marine, scary-voice dad. A dribble of sweat trickled down the back of Eli’s neck.  

“What’s going on, Eli?”

The scary voice appeared out of nowhere. Mr. Jenkins’ taut face displayed a permanent scowl—at Eli, at least.  

Eli cleared his throat, noting the shovel in the elder’s hand and how he gripped it in his massive lion hands. “Hello, sir, Mr. Jenkins, sir.”

“Yeah?” Mr. Jenkins’ lip curled in annoyance. One day Eli would learn how to greet the man without a fumbled cracking voice. “You hear to see Jenny?” 

“Yes, sir. How are you today, s—”

“Jenny!” Mr. Jenkins yelled up to his daughter’s window, the one that Eli had started throwing rocks at when he turned twelve and started sneaking through at age sixteen.

Jenny poked her head through the window. When she saw Eli, her beautiful face brightened even more. How many times had that smile brightened his days? He couldn’t live without it. 

“Hey, there,” she said. 

“Hey,” he replied with a shaky breath.

“Are you coming in or are we going out?” We’re going out. 

All the way to London, if you’ll let me. 

Mr. Jenkins interrupted Eli’s thought. “Hang on a second. He’ll be right in. Just give us a minute.” Her father watched Jenny duck her head back inside before he gave Eli the look of death. “Why are you so nervous, Eli?” He examined the beads of sweat forming on Eli’s brow.

“It’s a warm day out, sir.” 

“Is that why your footprints are wearing down my driveway?” Mr. Jenkins glared at him. “Spill it, Eli. There’s only one reason you would show up as nervous as you are right now.”

Eli gulped. Did Mr. Jenkins know what Eli had been toiling over in his head? Was he that transparent? Had the beads of sweat formed letters on his forehead, allowing Mr. Jenkins to read his thoughts? 

“Well?” the elder asked.

He knew. Eli just needed to say it. He just didn’t think it would be like this, under these circumstances, and on the driveway of Jenny’s parents’ house.  

He cleared his throat and blurted out the sentence that he’d imagined himself saying for years. “I’ve come to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage.”

A large vein snaked alive on Mr. Jenkins’ temple, and his arm moved.  

Somehow, in the last few seconds, Eli had forgotten that Mr. Jenkins was holding a shovel.

He’d also forgotten to say the magic word. “Sir,” Eli’s voice cracked.

Like what you read?

Get the full short story on Amazon for $0.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited.

There was a glitch in the Matrix

Some of you who already pre-ordered A Match Made Sweet may have recently received a pre-order cancellation. I apologize for the inconvenicence. Unfortunately, Amazon had a glitch when I uploaded my manuscript. Grr! Since the error was on their end, I wasn’t punished with a year of no pre-order privileges. Yay!

My next book, His Sweetest Match is available for pre-order. *Crossing fingers that no glitches happen!*

It’s a long weekend, so…

Since it’s a long weekend, and we’re all in full or semi-quarantine, here are some other books to read.

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