Get a Copy of Snow In Love, a Sweet Holiday Romance

If you like sweet, holiday stories, there are eight absolutely adorable ones in the multi-author collection Snow In Love.

You can pre-order a copy for only $0.99.


You can get an advance review copy for free.

No matter which you choose, you have to act fast! Readertainment Press releases the book on Wednesday, October 14. So, starting that day, you’ll have to pay full price and the advance review copies will no longer be available.

Snow In Love includes all of the tropes that readers love:

-Bad boy,
-Fake relationship,
-Montana cowboy,
-Opposites attract,
-Second chance, 
-Secret crush, and
-Small-town settings

My story, Santa’s Big Reveal, is a friends-to-lovers, secret-crush, small-town sweet story. If you like my Sweet Matchmaker series, I think you’ll love Santa’s Big Reveal.

If you don’t have time to read the entire Snow In Love collection, you can check out a free advance review copy of my story now through October 13. And if you’re interested, you can leave a review of it once the collection goes live on Oct. 14. Early reviews for books are a great lift for authors and incentive for readers.

About my story, Santa’s Big Reveal:

This Santa is ready to reveal his secret crush.

Entrepreneur Perry Tompkins feels like a town traitor. His crime? Leaving his small Virginia hometown to run a tech business in Silicon Valley. But this Christmas, the town’s cold shoulder can’t dampen Perry’s holiday cheer. Because his longtime friend and secret crush, Sharmaine, has finally broken up with her boyfriend—the town’s golden boy, Lance. And Perry’s coming home for the holidays with a mission: Operation Win Sharmaine.

Sharmaine Cole may not be with her ex, Lance, anymore, but she still wonders why he’s been acting so strangely. Suspecting that it may have something to do with his family’s store, a local historical landmark, she enlists her close friend Perry to help.Sharmaine may think that Perry is the perfect partner-in-crime, but the last thing he wants to do is bring her closer to her ex. But when the woman you love asks for help, and a local treasure is at risk, how can you say no?

Interested in reading more in exchange for your honest review?

Interested in reading and reviewing the whole Snow In Love collection?

Need more time?

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2 thoughts on “Get a Copy of Snow In Love, a Sweet Holiday Romance

    1. Hi Patrice! I actually decided to take down the Risking It All series because I wanted to stick to sweet, clean books. And that series, well uh, it wasn’t. Lol.

      But if you’re interested in reading more of my writing, I also write under the name Rene Penn. Here’s a direct (Free!) downloadable link to my latest story, A Summer of Songs—a struggling songwriter goes to a small-town B&B for creative inspiration, meets a small-town girl-next-door, and wonders if she just might be his muse. It’s a cute, sweet summer romance story, and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

      A Summer of Songs:


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